Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register?

If you register you then have access to your own account and associated facilities like Lightboxes, with which you can collaborate and share with other site users. Once registered you can be granted immediate download permissions, but only after contacting our office.

How do I search for an image?

Type any relevant word or combination of words into the Search box at the top of the page. You'll see some suggestions as you type that can be clicked on.

If you are unsure of spelling you can use a wildcard character * . E.g. searching "mountain*" will find mountain, mountains, mountaineer, mountaineering.

You can use multiple words and you can also search for only upright, horizontal or square images using the Filters below the Search box.

If you are looking for pictures of Edinburgh Castle simply type "Edinburgh Castle" into the search box. If you need pictures of Edinburgh without the Castle simply type "Edinburgh AND NOT castle". You don't need to use upper case.

If Registered, once you see an image you like you can add it to your Lightbox to be saved for later or shared with other users.

Can I download images from the web site?

Yes but you must contact our office for authorisation on your account before you can do this. You can download up to 50 images in one order.

How do I use the lightbox?

In order to have access to the lightbox facility you must register on our website. A lightbox will enable you to store images for particular projects and email the lightbox onto a third party. It's a good idea to make a new lightbox for each new project you are working on.

Once you have registered you will be able to add images to your own lightbox which will appear at the bottom of your screen so that it can be viewed as you pick and select images. When you have finished using your light box click 'full screen'. This will take you to the lightbox page with a full display of all the images in your light box. From the lightbox page you can use the buttons beneath each thumbnail to delete an individual image, add notes to an image or add an image to your order. If you double click on a thumbnail it will bring up a larger preview together with full caption information, file size details, the option to request a quote and the option to start a new search based on selected keywords.

Your lightboxes can also be accessed by clicking 'lightbox' from the main horizontal menu bar.

The name of the active lightbox is displayed in the top left hand corner of the lightbox page, and also in the drop-down menu selection box located in the Lightbox Tools panel on the right hand side of the screen (the lightbox tools panel may be minimized but can be maximized/minimized by simply clicking the side tab). You can move between lightboxes by selecting another lightbox from the drop-down menu selection box. The active lightbox can then be edited, emailed or printed using the various options available.

Lightbox tools

Within lightbox tools the following options are available:

Create new lightbox

Rename lightbox

Empty lightbox

Delete lightbox

Rearrange order of display - allows you to change the order in which images are displayed within the lightbox

Reverse order - allows you to reverse the order in which images appear in the lightbox

Download as zip - allows you to download selected thumbnails in a single zipped file

Notes - a note can be added and saved to the active lightbox

Selected photo tools... beneath each thumbnail image is a tick box which allows individual images to be selected. Selected Photo Tools then enables the selected images to be deleted, added to your order, downloaded as a zip file, copied or moved to another lightbox or into a new lightbox.

Further lightbox options

Display options - the display options in the top right hand corner of the lightbox page allow you to switch on or off the mouse-over previews which appear when hovering over thumbnails, change the display format to grid or list, and select the number of images to be displayed per page.

How do I purchase an image?

You need to register to be able to download images from the site. Currently we need you to contact us by phone or email to set an accurate price for the usage and terms for image purchase. Approximate prices can be seen here.

Placing an order

Having searched and found images that you wish to use, add them to your order by clicking the basket icon beneath the relevant thumbnails. You can view your order while browsing by clicking on the Your Order link at the bottom of a thumbnail screen.

Once all required images have been added, go to the order page by clicking 'Your Order' from the main horizontal menu bar at the top of the screen.

The order page will display all images in your order together with caption/photographer information and file size details.

To complete the order you need to agree to our terms and conditions by clicking the box at the bottom of the page. Then click 'next'.

If you have already been granted instant download permissions by Scottish Viewpoint, the download page will then be presented.

If you have not previously been given immediate download permissions the next page will display the following message: 'Download permissions are not enabled for this order. You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as the order status has changed'.

A member of Scottish Viewpoint will then enable the order if a price has already been agreed or contact you to agree a fee before enabling download. Once enabled, you will be sent details of how to access the hi res files.

From the download page

There are two large buttons at the top of the page which allow for all the images to be downloaded together in a single zipped file, either as Hi Res files or Low Res files. Medium res images require to be downloaded individually as detailed below.

Alternatively, each file can be downloaded individually by using the options located beside each image. Simply select a file size and then click either the download button or the E-mail file button. Note - only files under 5MB will be available for delivery via email. Using this option allows you to download low, medium or high res files.

If you click the E-mail file button you will be prompted to enter an email address and then just need to click 'send file'.

If you choose to download the files you will be presented with a link which needs to be right-clicked, then select 'save target as' from the drop-down menu.

From your account

Your account can be accessed from the main horizontal menu bar and will display a full list of all past and current orders. Clicking on a current order will present the download page which can then be used to download files as described above.

Do you have Royalty Free images?

Not at present. 

How do you set prices?

Rights Protected image licensing is determined by factors defining the scope of use. These factors include:

Intended Use: brochure, print advertisement, billboard, editorial, museum display, etc.

Press Run or Circulation: 5,000 brochures, magazine with a 250,000 press run, etc.

Distribution: UK only, European, USA, World English language and World

Image Size: quarter page, full page, double page, etc.

Placement of Image: inside, cover, home page, etc.

Duration of Use: One-time, one year, etc.

What is Model or Property Release?

If an image is used commercially any person or private property often requires a Model or Property Release. This is a legal document that states the person who is in the image has consented to their likeness being used. A Property Release may be necessary from the owner to ensure that they consent to that property appearing in a commercially used image.

If in doubt please contact our office for advice. We would also draw your attention to our terms and conditions.

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